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Documents For Your Use...

  ACT Aspire Testing  
  Title   Description
ACT Aspire English ACT Aspire English practice testing information. 3814_Aspire Exemplar EHS English_Web.pdf
File Size: 0.36 MB
ACT Aspire Science ACT Aspire Science practice testing information and questions. 3817_Aspire Exemplar EHS Science_Web.pdf
File Size: 0.29 MB
ACT Aspire Writing Act Aspire writing practice test information and questions. 3818_Aspire Exemplar EHS Writing_Web.pdf
File Size: 0.19 MB
ACT Aspire Math ACT Aspire Math Practice Test Questions. 5198_Aspire_Exemplar-Math_EHS-Web.pdf
File Size: 1.76 MB
ACT Aspire Reading ACT Aspire Reading questions. ACTAspireReadingexemplar_Grade8.pdf
File Size: 53 KB
Calculator Usage for Test Guidelines for calculator usage on the ACT Aspire (math test only). Can I use a calculator.docx
File Size: 0.27 MB
ACT Prep Guide General testing tips for ACT students can read to prepare for the ACT testing. The ACT Prep Guide.docx
File Size: 20 KB

  CLUB GU T-Shirt Design  
  Title   Description
CLUB GU T-Shirt Design EAC GEAR UP T-SHIRT T-Shirt Design.docx
File Size: 0.10 MB

  Title   Description
Important Dates 06-07 Important dates to plan on for school year 06-07 Student Commitment Dates F06.doc
File Size: 20 KB

  EAC GEAR UP Curriculum Framework  
  Title   Description
Curriculum Framework This curriculum framework is a valuable tool designed to guide students through the college and career preparation process. This framework includes the following elements: A. Career Fields B. Career Clusters C. Programs of Study D. Education and Career Action Plans (ECAP) E. Student Assessments F. Extended Learning Opportunities GEAR-UP Curriculum Framework 2015 PROOF5.pdf
File Size: 4.64 MB

  EAC GEAR UP Information  
  Title   Description
EAC GEAR UP EAC GEAR UP welcome letter to parents and students. Gear up welcome letter 1.docx
File Size: 57 KB
Fall 2015_16 Newsletter EAC GEAR UP Newsletter for parents and students. GU News Letter - Safford.docx
File Size: 0.99 MB
Fall 2015_17 Newsletter EAC GEAR UP newsletter for parents and students. GU News Letter - Safford_ Fall_2016.docx
File Size: 0.84 MB
Fall 2017_18 Newsletter EAC GEAR UP newsletter for parents and students. GU News Letter - Safford_ Fall_2017.pdf
File Size: 1.06 MB

  Title   Description
EASI SUMMER CAMP APPLICATION Science camp application - see attached for information and instructions. 2017_05_01_EASI Camp Flyer.pdf
File Size: 0.35 MB

  Facility Rental  
  Title   Description
Facility Rental Agreement PDF Please read and sign this form before prior to using the facility. CFA rental agreement.pdf
File Size: 0.13 MB
Rental Rates (pdf version) Download file to view rental rates. CFA Rates.pdf
File Size: 17 KB
CFA Standard Rider This document contains information for both rental users and performing artist. CFA STANDARD RIDER.doc
File Size: 34 KB
CFA Standard Rider (PDF) This document contains information for both rental users and performing artist. CFA STANDARD RIDER.pdf
File Size: 25 KB

  Facility Use  
  Title   Description
Facilty User Info Download this file, fill out all that applies to your event, and return to CFA Manager. Facility use information sheet.doc
File Size: 37 KB
Center for the Arts Logo This is a JPEG file of the Center for the Arts Logo. SCFA logo final.JPG
File Size: 36 KB
Seating Chart Full capacity seating chart. SEATING CHART.pdf
File Size: 1.56 MB

  Financial Aid Information  
  Title   Description
HEFAR Flyer (Free Service) A non-profit company dedicated to helping families qualify for all of the grants, scholarships, and financial aid they are entitled to. HEFAR Grant Scholarships Fin Aid.pdf
File Size: 1.25 MB Through a new program called, your student can automatically earn scholarships from colleges each time he or she achieves any of the following goals in school: - Get an A in a course ($100 - $1,000) - Get a B in a course ($50 - $600) - Participate in a school club or sport ($25 - $250) - And much more raise.me_classroom-guide.pdf
File Size: 3.94 MB

  Title   Description
GIFT Handbook This document shows all courses and programs offered through the Central Campus of the Gila Institute of Technology (GIFT). GIFT Handbook 2012-2013.pdf
File Size: 0.23 MB

  Lesson Plans  
  Title   Description
Lesson Plan Form Fill in the Form. Please save to documents then send via sharing/email with the Director. FORMBulldog Boulevard PreschoolLessonPlan.docx
File Size: 70 KB

  Math Tutoring Program - Free!  
  Title   Description
TENMARKS - Math Program FLYER Flyer for free summer math program. TMSMPFamilyFlyer.pdf
File Size: 0.32 MB
TENMARKS - Math Program Family Letter. Letter to parent/guardian about free summer math program. TMSMPFamily-Letter.pdf
File Size: 0.30 MB

  Title   Description
N.H.S. Information Sheet This form needs to be filled out and turned in to Mrs. Hawthorne by qualified candidates by September 29, 2004 at 3:00 p.m. NHS candidate information.doc
File Size: 30 KB

  Parent/Student Information  
  Title   Description
Helping Students Succeed - Preparing for College Steps for student success. 7-12 Activities Outline.docx
File Size: 0.19 MB

  Permission Slips  
  Title   Description
Year-Long Permission Slip for Music Students Includes Personal and Family information, and medical releases. Permission Slip - Music.doc
File Size: 27 KB

  Remind Text Message Service  
  Title   Description
Remind Texting Please follow directions on the download provided to subscribe to remind. Remind is a messaging tool that helps EAC GU staff share important with 8th grade cohort parent/guardian group. Remind 2017.pdf
File Size: 45 KB

  Student Career Folders (Information)  
  Title   Description
Know Yourself Students need to know why they are going to college. 1 Know Yourself and Your.doc
File Size: 59 KB
Apply for Admission Apply for Admission. 2 Apply For Admission.doc
File Size: 39 KB
Arts Communications Arts Communication. Arts Comunications.doc
File Size: 59 KB
Arts Arts. Arts.doc
File Size: 49 KB
File Size: 65 KB
Budget planning Worksheet Budget planning Worksheet. Budget Planning Worksheet.doc
File Size: 49 KB
Business Systems Business Systems Business Systems.doc
File Size: 52 KB
Business Business. Business.doc
File Size: 52 KB
Checklist for a Campus Visit Checklist for a Campus Visit. Checklist For A Campus Visit.doc
File Size: 32 KB
Checklist for a College Planning Checklist for a College Planning. Checklist for College Planning.doc
File Size: 54 KB
Classes & Credit Check Class & Credit Check. Classes & Credit Check.doc
File Size: 82 KB
College Comparison Worksheet ACT College Comparison Worksheet ACT. College Comparison Worksheet ACT.doc
File Size: 56 KB
Cover Letter Cover Letter Cover Letter .doc
File Size: 32 KB
DES Application DES Application DES Application.rtf
File Size: 0.22 MB
Employment 1 Employment1. Employment 1 .doc
File Size: 46 KB
Employment Part 2 Employment Part 2 Employment Part 2 .doc
File Size: 39 KB
Engineer Engineer. Engineer.doc
File Size: 51 KB
Engineering and Industrial Systems Engineering and Industrial Systems. Engineering and Industrial Systems.doc
File Size: 80 KB
Financial Aid Information Financial Aid Information. Financial Aid Information .doc
File Size: 38 KB
For My Resume Resume information builder. FOR MY RESUME.doc
File Size: 0.12 MB
Glossary of Terms Glossary of Terms. Glossary of Terms .doc
File Size: 96 KB
Health Health. Health pathway.doc
File Size: 52 KB
Health Services Health Services. Health Services.doc
File Size: 47 KB
Human Human. Human.doc
File Size: 50 KB
Letter of Recommendation Letter of Recommendation. Letter of Recommendation .doc
File Size: 31 KB
Military Military Military .doc
File Size: 35 KB
My Personal Profile Outlines a student should do to prepare for a career. MY PERSONAL PROFILE.doc
File Size: 52 KB
Natural Resources Natural Resources. Natural Resources.doc
File Size: 96 KB
Natural Natural Natural.doc
File Size: 51 KB
Safford user number for azcis Safford user number for azcis safford user number for azcis.doc
File Size: 53 KB
Sample letter requests Sample letter requests. Sample letter requests.doc
File Size: 27 KB
Social and Human Services Social and Human Services. Social and Human Services.doc
File Size: 44 KB
Steps for applying Fin. Aid Steps for applying Fin. Aid. Steps for Applying Fin. Aid .doc
File Size: 92 KB
The Resume Resume The Resume .doc
File Size: 28 KB
University Requirements University Requirements University Requirements.doc
File Size: 29 KB
Websites for the 21st Century Graduate Websites for the 21st Century Graduate. Websites for the 21st Century Graduate .doc
File Size: 0.11 MB
Writing The College Essay Writing The College Essay. Writing The College Essay .doc
File Size: 44 KB

  Title   Description
SHS SUMMER SCHOOL APPLICATION Application for students who need credit recovery only. 2017_05_01_SHS Summer Schoool App.pdf
File Size: 39 KB

  True Colors Career Path  
  Title   Description
Blue Pathway Career Choices Suited for Blue. True Colors Blue.pdf
File Size: 0.76 MB
Gold Pathway Career Choices Suited for Gold. True Colors Gold.pdf
File Size: 0.71 MB
Green Pathway Career Choices Suited for Green True Colors Green.pdf
File Size: 0.64 MB
Orange Pathway Career Choices Suited for Orange. True Colors Orange.pdf
File Size: 0.97 MB
True Color Sheet Character Cards and Word Groups to help rank your True Colors. True Colors Sheet.docx
File Size: 0.32 MB

  Volunteer Guidelines  
  Title   Description
Student Volunteer_Community Service Documentation Sheet Documentation sheet to help students track services with adult sign off for verification. 2016_12_19_Volunteer sheet.pdf
File Size: 44 KB
Volunteer Guidelines Guidelines for parents/guardians assisting staff and students at school or on trips. Volunteer Guidelines.docx
File Size: 18 KB

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