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Welcome to the Home Page of the Safford High School Scholarship Foundation. If you have any problems navigating the website or with your profile send an email to:

HOW YOU CAN HELP AT NO COST TO YOU!!!!! In the world today most people do some or a lot of shopping on line. If you shop you can easily benefit the Foundation. Instead of using shop at is exactly the same merchandise at the same price. If you have an Amazon account your wish list, etc. will automatically transfer to The Foundation receives 1/2 of a percent of your purchase at NO additional cost to you. To enroll: go to; sign in with your amazon email address and password to create a new one; under "Pick Your Own Charitable Organization" type Safford High School Scholarship Foundation; select the Foundation and you are set to go. ALWAYS use rather than to benefit the Foundation.

If you would like to donate to the foundation, or make payment for the January 28, 2017 DANCE IT OFF competition please use the paypal link below...

Please visit this site regularly for updates.

CLICK HERE to access our database, to update your profile, search for alumni, and other related database functions.

If your class is planning a reunion please contact us. We can provide some information to assist you in contacting class members.

For more information on Reunions or other topics email:

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The Safford High Scholarship Foundation sponsors several fundraisers annually. All profits are invested and earnings from investments are used to provide scholarships to SHS graduates. Click on the fund raiser of your choice for more information. Contact John Bonefas at 928-428-0275 or email him at: for more information.

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For information on scholarship criteria, donations to scholarship funds,availability of scholarships, and established scholarship funds click on the items below!

Click here for Scholarship Information

Click here for Scholarship Donations

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SAFFORD, ARIZONA 85546 - Welcome to SAFFORD HIGH SCHOOL'S Alumni and Scholarship Foundation website

This site is maintained by the Safford High School Scholarship Foundation to inform people about the Foundation and alumni events.

If you have problems updating your profile email: - Give us your year of graduation and your name along with the problem and we'll get it fixed!!

Arnold DeLaO has Reunion CD Photos available. They can contact him at 928-322-3124. The charge for each one is $10.00. He will ship them.

Please help us complete our collection of yearbooks. If you have a copy of any of the following years and you'd like to donate them to us, please contact: We are missing 1935, 1938, and 1943.


* Over $33,000 in scholarships were awarded in May of 2015.

* Three new scholarships were started in fiscal year 2015-2016. New scholarships include: Ruth Jansen Powell Scholarship, Randa Owens McKinney Scholarship and the Nicole and Jarom Lunt Scholarship.

* Including the first awarded scholarship of $500 in 1988, the Foundation has awarded $508,000 in scholarships!

* The Foundation retained its recognition as an organization to which donations can be given on a tax-deductible status.

* Officers serving the Foundation for 2016 - 2017 are: President, Randa Owens McKinney (Class of '72); Vice-President, Donna McEuen McGaughey (Class of '77); Secretary, Brenda Bonefas Hawkins (Class of 1984); Treasurer, John Bonefas, former SHS Principal; Historian, Mitzi Bingham (Class of '92); and Publicity, Mindy Maylen Wilson (Class of '68).

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