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SUSD School Update

Important Update on Safford Schools October 17, 2016

Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members,

Reconstruction has begun on all campuses with the exception of Lafe Nelson. The administrative team met with representatives from AZ Risk Retention Trust, Comprehensive Risk Services, Sagebrush Restoration, and the AZ School Facilities Board and were given an update on progress thus far. We would like to share the latest information with you.

Lafe Nelson students in grades K-2 (210 students) will be attending Ruth Powell School on their time schedule 8:15-2:15. They will still have the same teacher they had at Lafe Nelson.

Lafe Nelson students in grades 3-4 (162 students) will be attending Dorothy Stinson School on their time schedule 8:00-2:00. They will still have the same teacher they had at Lafe Nelson.

Lafe Nelson students in grades 5-6 (151 students) will be attending Safford Middle School on the original LNS time schedule 8:10-2:10. They will still have the same teacher they had at Lafe Nelson.

Special Education services will continue and special education teachers will not change.

At this time, students will be picked up at their regular bus stops at their regular time.

Breakfast and lunch will be served on each campus, so there will be no change in food services.

Please continue to come back to this webpage for the most recent update.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to prepare our schools for Oct. 24 restart date.

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES of the reconstruction to the schools

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Early Release Days

During the 2015-2016 year, our school board made the decision to grant the district with early release days for this year. Except for the first 2 Fridays of each semester, the rest of the Fridays will be early release days. Dorothy Stinson students will be released at 12:20 every Friday. Lunches will be served as normal prior to the students leaving for the day. This time is set for teacher training and collaboration on best practices to make sure we are doing everything we can to meet the needs of the students. Please note of the early release days for the year in your calendars so that students are not waiting to be picked up.

October Stinsogram

The October Stinsogram newsletter is available as a download. Click on the Downloads link above and click on the September newsletter. Please take the opportunity to download the newsletter.
Mr. Moreno

Parent Compact Agreement

Hello parents. Dorothy Stinson School students participate in a Schoolwide Title 1, Part A program. We are required to have a parent compact from parents due to this schoolwide program. This contract is an agreement between the parents, the school staff, and the students to share in the responsibility of improving student academic achievement. This is basically saying that we are in a partnership to help our students achieve high scores. A copy will be going home with your students so that students and parents can sign this agreement. So please look for this and make sure it gets signed and returned.

You can also get this form by going to the Safford website at Once there, select curriculum on the left side, select Title 1 from list of departments, read DSS School Parent Compact, print and sign cover letter, and return cover letter to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

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