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The Dorothy Stinson office is open again in preparation for the new year. The office hours are 7:30-2:30 Monday-Friday. The office will be closed on Friday, July 31, as the principal and the secretary will be out of town. Other than this date, the office is open for business. We are looking forward to a new year. We are wanting to continue to build on the successes we have had and begin new adventures as we are under the guidance of a new superintendent. We hope you are as excited about this new year as we are.

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Beginning of the year information

We would like to welcome you all to another school year here at Dorothy Stinson School. We want to take this opportunity to remind you about our Open House. Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12, from 5:00-7:00 in the evening.

The schedule is as follows: Kindergarten and first grade teachers will start with their short presentation at 5:00. Second grade at 5:20, third grade at 5:40, fourth grade at 6:00, fifth grade at 6:20, and sixth grade at 6:40. All of our teachers will be in their classes the entire two hours but the times listed above are when they will give their presentations. We look forward for you to stop in and meet with your teachers at this time.

The next big question people are asking is when will the lists be posted for teachers. The lists will be posted after 4:00 on Monday, August 10.

End of year paperwork

For whatever reasons, many students were not able to be in attendance on the last day of school. For those students who fell in this category, these students were not able to get their report card or any other missing paperwork they may have had coming to them. These items can be picked up in the office from now until June 10th. After June 10th, they will be locked in the office until school starts back up in August. So if your child was not here on the last day of school, there is a report card with their name waiting for them or you in the office.

Summer lunch program

Dorothy Stinson School will once again be one of the sights for our summer food program. The summer food program runs from June 1st - July 31. Breakfast is served from 8:00-9:00 Monday - Friday and lunch is served from 11:00-12:00 Monday - Friday. Dinner is also being served at the Lafe Nelson School cafeteria only from 5:00-6:30pm. This program is free for all of those 18 & younger.
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