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The Dorothy Stinson office is open again in preparation for the new year. The office hours are 7:30-2:30 Monday-Friday. We are looking forward to a new year. We are wanting to continue to build on the successes we have had and begin new adventures as we are under the guidance of a new superintendent. We hope you are as excited about this new year as we are.

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August Stinsogram

The August Stinsogram, newsletter is available as a download. Click on the Downloads link above and click on August newsletter. Please take the opportunity to download the newsletter.
Mr. Moreno

End of year paperwork

For whatever reasons, many students were not able to be in attendance on the last day of school. For those students who fell in this category, these students were not able to get their report card or any other missing paperwork they may have had coming to them. These items can be picked up in the office from now until June 10th. After June 10th, they will be locked in the office until school starts back up in August. So if your child was not here on the last day of school, there is a report card with their name waiting for them or you in the office.

Parent needed

Dorothy Stinson has a site council that serves as an advisory committee to the principal. This committee has the purpose of advising the principal in matters of curriculum and student achievement. We have a parent member who will not be able to be a part of the committee and we need to replace her. If interested, please contact Mr. Moreno at (928) 348-7010 ext. 1701.

Posting of Student Lists

Dorothy Stinson will be posting our class lists on the window on Monday, August 10th after 4:00. When we post the lists, we want them to be as accurate as possible for our parents and our teachers. There may be some changes that might have to be made even after the lists are posted and we apologize for that if it does happen. We are continuing to have students register at the district office and depending on what school they are assigned to, it could cause changes to be made.
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